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I created NightlyReading in January 2011 after I had discovered my love of reading during the Twilight era. I enjoy anything YA and even some adult titles.

ARC Review: How To Love by Katie Cotugno

how to love

With all of the New Adult titles out there, I am honestly getting really confused. They all seem to have the same plot twists and there seems to be a HUGE calling for NA. I have recently shied away from all things New Adult since it seems that if you have read one book, you have read them all. BUT, this one was different!!! There were no similarities in this book compared to the others. This love was basically scarred and needed to be re-healed many times over. The plot wasn't your typical girl finds boy and they fall in love. The main character, Reena, had been in love with this boy forever. And now he has to do everything in his power to win her back after the huge mistake that he made. The one REALLY big twist was that they already have a child. This is Ms. Cotugno's debut novel and I can tell you that she is one to watch! Her writing style was really what sucked me into the book itself and I really enjoyed the storyline. I had moments of sadness, moments of laughter and moments of shear frustration while reading. THAT, right there ladies and gentlemen is what makes a good book GREAT!!! Throughout the whole story, we received glimpses of before and glimpses of after. We were allowed to view Reena's thoughts and how much she loved Sawyer from the very beginning all the while seeing what their relationship was like the whole way through. It allowed us to get the whole back story but not straight away, Katie gave us little snippets here and there to keep the momentum and suspense alive until the very end. The ending was very true-to-life. Not so much a happily ever after but very real! I send a big thank you out to the publisher for allowing me advanced access to this awesome book and fantastic new author! And to Katie Cotugno.......I will be watching you! LOL